EAGLE-1 the Autonomous DeBot

Mouvit’s autonomous mobility platform is finally here!

Come see us at the Mobility Row in Ann Arbor on October 8th, 2021 to check out EAGLE-1, our beverage delivery robot!

From concept to launch, our team and our partners have been working tirelessly to bring the newest, most innovative mobility technology to the public. We’re proud to finally be able to showcase all the great work we’ve been doing!

In 2019, the concept for a low-speed, autonomous mobility platform was just a budding idea on paper.

‘What if we could build a skateboard with in-built hardware and software for any mobility-based need? What if we could build the iPhone of mobility- a core platform that allows for any application to be built on top?’ What started as a project to address the increasing need for autonomous mobility in a vast number of unique markets has now turned into full-fledged startup, complete with a prototype and a team that is ready to expand quickly.

Working with our partners at Intent Design, we have developed the first application of our mobility platform- a beverage Delivery Robot, (DeBot, for short) that dispenses chilled drinks to customers. We’ll be running the DeBots in Michigan in bowling alleys, golf courses, outdoor concerts, and more over the next year. Keep an eye on our website, we’ll be updating about our latest progress and events!

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