Mouvit Awarded $100,000 Grant!

In partnership with Intent Design, Stantec, CAMACO, Lawrence Technological University, Jimmy Johns, and Novi Bowl; Mouvit will begin using autonomous robots to help solve the issue of lower employment and delivery.

Mouvit plans to release three food/beverage vending robots to be stationed at Lawrence Technological University, Novi Bowl, and CAMACO. These robots will serve by delivering food and/or drinks to the guests at the sites. With minimal staff guidance, the robots will perform their duties throughout the day. The guests will also have the ability to place their orders using the Mouvit smartphone app.

The platform the robot uses, nicknamed the ‘skateboard’, allows multiple types of modules to be placed on top. Currently, the food and beverage vending as well as an advertisement module has been used. This base allows companies to utilize the customizability and make use of a module unique to their requirements and needs.

“With this grant, our robots will be operational at multiple additional locations, allowing for real-world activation of multiple services. This sets the stage for Mouvit’s growth, demonstrating our philosophy of industry-agnostic mobility,” said Milan Bidare, Founder of Mouvit. “We look forward to enabling Michigan businesses to serve their customers better with the utilization of our platform.” 

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